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Features XXIV
Fave the article if you want to self-promote while promoting others (and not having to feel guilty about it).  You can suggest your own work or another deviant’ long as it has under 300 faves.  If you suggest someone else, I will credit you as the suggester, unless you don't want me to.  I especially need literature suggestions! =D

Index of features:

A Lovely Night to Burn Stuff by Kitsune-Seven Portrait in Progress by DRDAquila Self-Portrait by MrsButterD o6l by Beserk PiN-uP oWL by NellieWindmill

Drawings & Illustrations:  
If I never knew you by CharlettGrey En Garde? by hezoo Draconic Tea Party by zuluyo Parting Glance by Jaejoong The Snow Fairy - I by Miss-Belfry

Skull Kid by A-chan--Creations Pooh, Eeyore, Piglet Amigurumi by ChibiSayuriEtsy :thumb266677062: From autumn by MademoiselleOrtie Moonlight and Vines Pendant by magpie-poet


:thumb329406895: Sunday MorningSilence,
it is the wind tapping his nearby window.
I feel the rustle of the sheets,
warm body heat dancing on my thighs.
The alarm won't sound for another hour.
Risen sun,
late starts are our sunday ritual.
Roll back over,
enveloped in your scent.
Would be my favourite moment,
if not for the ones made before we fell asleep.
Gentle breathing,
we don't need to speak in raspy morning tones.
Naked, comfortable,
skin to skin never felt so routine.
If pillows could talk,
I know they'd say the dirtiest things.
Love is this and this is love.
Late starts are our sunday ritual.
Do You Remember When...There are images, moving pictures that repeat like the dvd menu left alone to play on a loop by two people who far from forgot, but just chose to let it go on and on and on. And they play in snippets captured by unforgettable details imprinted permanently in the space God left for her to etch these memories, the space he can get her to open whenever he ask "Do you remember when..." And of course she does. And so does he. But the story isn't the same unless its coming from the pages she harbors in her, stories weaved expertly and instinctively by her tongue, every little thing that could be forgotten recorded eternally remembered. "Do you remember when..."  "Yes. Do you?" "Well... me and my memory... would you mind refreshing it?" He remembers it all. He just wants to hear it from her and be, as always, brought back to that spot time saved so clearly as if he where there again, as only she can illustrate. How can she say no to those eyes. Yes. I remember when.....
:thumb292277801: InsaneI declare what I believe in,
for that they call me insane.
Yet now the nations tremble,
as the world whispers my name.
I practice what I believe in,
this is not a child's game.
The faithful men are marching,
how dare you call us insane.
I will see what I believe in,
I will die to see this right.
We will take on all the world,
and still I'll win my fight.
I will kill for my beliefs,
in eternity there is no shame.
I will answer my Lord's call,
and no I'm not insane!
My beliefs will never die,
this fight will never end.
As I breathe my final breath,
Allah, my heart will mend.

electric dreams by PrivateBasementNo13 Gift by DiZa-74 :thumb278013888: Witch Amanda by LiaSelina Look out by SilverCurlyART    

.: wire :. by Torri012 Infinite Beauty by firdausmahadi Mr Bubbles by naked-in-the-rain so beautiful, so dangerous.. by AnaBelial :thumb196261035:

(Remember to check the stock artist’s rules before using their stock!!! =D)
:thumb191208357: Penniman House Stock Image by kpep :thumb265062890: Forest Stock 06 by Thy-Darkest-Hour Background Stock 080 by Malleni-Stock


Creative use of my stock:
Transformers:Prime Astralvoid by Z-KarmaCage Eyes Wide Shut by sweet-nymphetamines Nocturne maximal by Ephynephryn Mona-Melancholia by Ombreuse Darkrai by DeiXIV


Deviant Features:

Taking a Dip at Dusk by Face-Reality To Have and to Hold by Face-Reality Insignificant Boundaries by Face-Reality Face-Reality certainly faces reality with the stark realism of  her works, whilst still keeping a strong aura of, well, Face-Reality in each work!

Little Totoro by el-ruben I named him Rain... by el-ruben Cute little hedgehog by el-ruben el-ruben has a wonderfully touching, eclectic gallery you really don’t want to go without taking a good look at!

Entubation by dalifan-teresa Glass Art Bifold by dalifan-teresa Geyser Crash by dalifan-teresa dalifan-teresa presents wonderful abstract traditional works chock-full of careful detail!

Nekomarik la by I-is-smart If you know someone who deserves or needs a feature, you can suggest your own work or another deviant’ long as it has under 300 faves.  You will be credited as the suggester, unless you suggest your own work or ask not to be credited.  And please, I am especially in need of literature deviations!

Index of features:

Irregular weekly features #24.
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